With EZ Clean up discounts and credits, junk removal is not only EZ for you, but it’s now cheaper than ever.

In addition to our 5% New Client Discount, we resell or recycle your junk, crediting your bill with the proceeds. That means removing junk from your home or business is not only fast and easy, it’s now cheaper than ever.

Our licensed and insured crews make removing your junk EZ so you don’t have to worry about lifting old furniture, rusted out appliances, wood, metal, brick, concrete and even dirt. Serving Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware counties.



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Same Day Service

Need it done quickly? Give us a call at (215) 678-2040 and we’ll have a truck and crew out to your home immediately. Just tell us what you want to get rid of and let us do the rest. We’ll haul away everything you don’t want. If we can resell or recycle it, we’ll credit your bill, saving you even more money.

Remove Junk and Trash

Your Property Swept Clean

We respect your property. Our crews are trained to move around tight corners and upstairs without damaging floors or walls. They know how to properly handle rusted out appliances, eWaste and messy trash. We will always leave your home clean of debris and ready for your next project.

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Big or Small Projects: No Problem

Whether you’ve got a junk car on your lawn or old furniture and appliances in your basement, we’ll remove it all. We’re even licensed to remove walls, floors and old structures. From clean outs to demolition, if you want it gone, EZ Clean Up is the company to call.

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Professional, Fast and Affordable

We’re not a bunch of kids working part time after school. EZ Clean Up is a licensed contractor and our crews are professional, fast and friendly. With our discounts and credits, residential clean outs have never been cheaper or easier. Call EZ Clean Up at (215) 668-0485 for your junk and trash removal project.

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The Junk Removal Professionals

Have you ever tried to lift old, rusted out furniture or appliances up basement steps? Sometimes that old junk falls apart as you carry it, sending shards flying. If you have to move any of it around corners or through narrow corridors, it becomes even more dangerous.

The solution? Let the EZ Clean Up junk removal pros do it all for you. We’re a licensed contractor and each member of our crew is insured so you are fully protected. They’re professionals and know how to remove big, awkward junk without damaging your property. We do it every day. That’s why other contractors around Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks and Delaware counties like using EZ Clean Up to clean their job sites.

We’re professional, safe and thorough.

We Save You Money

Unlike many other junk removal companies, we don’t just take your junk straight to the landfill. We try to salvage the material from every job we do. First, we’ll try to sell it. We work with buyers throughout the area that love giving us money for the stuff we find. If we can’t find a buyer, we’ll then try to recycle it.

In every case, if we can get money from the sale or recycle of your junk, we’ll credit your bill, making our services cheaper than ever.

What do we haul away?

Just about anything you can think of in any area of your property, regardless of how big or small it is, we can clean it out and haul it away for you. Have a junk car or boat? We’ll haul it away. Old appliances, furniture, yard debris, office equipment, eWaste, brick, dirt and stone; no matter what you need removed, call EZ Clean Up, toll free, at (844) 439-2532.

It’s Easy

All you have to do to get a quote from us is to take a picture of the area you need cleaned, email it to us using either our online form or your own email provider and we’ll get an estimate to clean up your area from start to finish. Like every job we do, we’ll straighten up and seep clean your area before we leave. That’s EZ for you.

Full Service Clean Outs

  • Apartment Clean Outs
  • Attic & Crawl Spaces
  • Construction Site Clean Up
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Foreclosures
  • Garage & Basement Clean Outs
  • Light Interior Demolition
  • Office & Commercial Clean Outs
  • Rental Property Clean Up
  • Residential Junk Removal
  • Storage Space Junk Removal


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