Getting Rid of that Junk Vehicle is EZ

How long has that junk car been rusting in your yard? Let EZ Clean Up haul it away for good. If we can get money from the sale or scrap, we’ll credit you with the proceeds.

But we haul more than junk cars. We’ve hauled away junk RV’s, trailers, old tractors and boats. We can haul away just about any vehicle. If you’ve got other junk laying around, we’ll take that away, too. We’ll leave your yard clean and empty, ready for your next project. Put in that pool, spa or gazebo.

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Junk Cars, Trailers, Tractors, RV's, Boats and More...

Junk Car Removal Companies in Philadelphia

Junk Car Removal

EZ Clean Up has made it as easy as possible for you to get rid of that junk vehicle in your garage or yard. We supply the crew, the trucks and the tools. All you have to do is make the call and we do all the rest. It’s that EZ.

Simply call or click the button below, send us a picture of the area or vehicle you want removed and we’ll give you an estimate for the work. Give us the OK and we’ll schedule a team to come out and take care of everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger. Leave the hard work for us.

What We Haul

We remove just about everything. In fact, we have never been presented with a vehicle that we have been unable to haul away. Some of them have been difficult and require special tools and equipment, but we’re experts at removing junk and old vehicles.

At this point, we’ve seen it all, from small broken down motorcycles to heavy tractors and fishing boats. We love a good challenge so if you’ve got a vehicle that you want removed and not sure who can do it, call EZ Clean Up at (844) 349-2532.

The Risk of Doing it Yourself

Can you remove your old car yourself? Possibly. In some cases, your junk car is so rusted through that it makes it difficult and dangerous to remove yourself. Old cars often leak fluids and have many sharp edges. Pieces fall off unexpectedly and everything on an old car is dangerous.

That’s why you need to leave it all to us. We have the tools and equipment to remove old vehicles that are stuck in the mud or falling apart. If we have to break it down into parts and haul it away in a truck, we can do that, too. We have the equipment and experience to do it all.

We Resell or Recycle

At EZ Clean Up, we don’t like to fill our landfills unnecessarily. Leaving a healthy and clean environment for our kids is important to us. If we can recycle your stuff, we will. If we can sell it, even better. In either case, we will always try to get some money for everything we remove on your behalf. And we’ll even credit your bill with the proceeds. How’s that for saving money and saving the planet?

Full Service Clean Outs

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  • Construction Site Clean Up
  • Dumpster Rental
  • Foreclosures
  • Garage & Basement Clean Outs
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