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With junk loads as low as $249 and discounts that are even lower, discover how much you can save by visiting our pricing page.
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We’re EZ Clean Up


Junk Removal Services 


Home Clean Outs

commercial junk removal Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaHave you got junk or debris that needs to be hauled away? EZ Clean Up will clean out your garage, basement, home, yard or office equipment. We’ll remove your junk cars and waste. We’ll haul it away and credit you for what we can sell or recycle.

We’ll leave your area debris-free and swept clean. More…

Construction Clean Up

construction clean up Philadelphia, PAWhen your project is winding down and you need a reliable team to clean up and haul away your debris and material, call EZ Clean Up. We’ll use our people, our tools, our dumpsters and our trucks.

Our crews know construction. We’re licensed and insured to work on your site. All projects are completed with a clean sweep. More…


Light Demolition in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaHave a floor that needs to be torn up or a wall taken down? Even if it’s a room or small building, call EZ Clean Up and our demolition team will not only tear it down, but we’ll haul it away, too.

We work quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your next task immediately. More…

Commercial Junk Removal

junk removal near Philadelphia PACall EZ Clean Up to remove office furniture, equipment, machines, desks, chairs, carpet and more. We’ll clean out your old computers, printers, fax machines and copy equipment. We’ll sell or recycle it per state regulations and you’ll get proceeds from any profit we collect.

Sit back and let us do the work. It’s EZ for you. More…

How it Works

Just take a photo of the material you want hauled away, email it to use and we’ll send you a quote for its removal. That’s it. Go here to submit your photo.

Making Junk Removal and Trash Hauling Easy

We love junk. We’ll clean up your site, remove your junk and haul it away for you. Once you make the call to EZ Clean Up, your job is done. We do it all so you don’t have to. It doesn’t matter what you need removed, we’ll take it away and try to sell it or recycle it, giving you credit from the proceeds.

We’ve got the trucks, dumpsters and manpower to remove all your old equipment, trash and debris whether it’s a construction site or your home basement. Garages? We love them. Backyards? No problem. Cluttered office spaces? We clear them out all the time. And when we leave, your area will be swept clean and ready for your next project. Our teams work quickly and do not disrupt your home or office. EZ Clean Up is all you need. Call us at (844) 439-2532 .

Your Security is Our Priority

Sometimes people throw away items and equipment that contain personal information. We’ll make sure hard drives are completely destroyed or wiped clean. All paperwork and documents will be shredded as well. Serial numbers, codes and telephone numbers will be destroyed forever immediately  upon discovery.

DISCOUNTS: Get Credit for the Sale of Your Junk

Sometimes the items you want to get rid of still have value for others. It’s your stuff so if we can get a few extra bucks for it, we’ll credit some of the savings back to you. If it can be recycled, often we can get a few extra bucks for that as well. Find out more on our prices page.

We’re Green

Many junk removal companies just take all your trash, waste and debris to a landfill. Not EZ Clean Up. We believe in leaving a clean environment and healthy planet to our children so we do everything we can to recycle old junk and debris. If you have office equipment and other e-waste, there are laws that regulate its disposal. We know what to do with all of it. Your junk and waste is hauled away and disposed of properly and legally.

Serving Philadelphia and Beyond

In addition to the Philadelphia area, EZ Clean Up will haul away your junk even if your site is in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Call us at (844) 439-2532 if you’re located outside this area and still want to take advantage of our terrific services. We serve other areas on a case by case basis.

Philadelphia PA Junk removal  Let Us Haul it Away

Construction Debris

Drywall, concrete, brick, wood and other construction site material is our specialty. We’ll clean up your site, haul it away and leave your work area swept clean.

Junk Car Removal

Not just cars, we remove trucks, trailers, boats, RV’s and all sorts of vehicles. We’ll haul it away and if we can sell it, we’ll credit your bill with the proceeds.

eWaste Removal

You can’t just throw computers in the trash. A lot of office equipment and other e-waste needs to be disposed of properly and legally. We know exactly how to do it. Give us a call.

Furniture & Appliances

Old couches, desks, chairs, recliners, tables, beds – anything in your home or office – we’ll pick it up and haul it away. Give us a call.

Philadelphia PA Junk removal  What do you need cleaned?

Construction Sites

When you’re winding down that construction project, call EZ Clean Up. We’ll bring our trucks, dumpsters and manpower to remove all the material and debris.

Office Buildings

Offices have all sorts of old equipment, filing cabinets and furniture that can be resold or recycle for cash. Let us help.

Garages & Basements

Need a few guys to drag all that old junk up the stairs and out of your basement? Don’t break your back. Call EZ Clean Up.


We’ll clean out all that junk from your yard, including that old car or trailer. If we can get any money for it, we’ll credit your bill.

Estate Sales

Estate sales can be a real drag. Let EZ Clean Up help get rid of all that stuff. If we can sell any of it, we’ll give you credit.

Rental Properties

If you own a rental property you know that tenants can sometimes leave a lot of old junk. Call EZ Clean to haul it all away for you.